What is ‘Memories for Tomorrow’ about? 
‘Memories for Tomorrow’ is a website dedicated to those who would like to send a message to themselves or someone else in the future, be it a month from now or up to 1 year. Senders are free to write their letters in any language and may also attach a photo. Our website is open to all ages and our letters can be shipped worldwide. You may also read public letters written by fellow senders across the world in our Collections Page. 

What is the difference between a PRIVATE and PUBLIC letter? 
Private letters are written for the receiver’s eyes only and will not be put out on display after it has been sent out. Public letters, on the other hand, will be displayed on our Collections Page after it has been sent out to its receiver. 

How much does this service cost?
Each postcard costs RM9.90. Since this is a new service, we are giving away the first 100 postcards for free! *Limited quantity only 

What is the period for sending messages to the future?
You may choose to send the postcard between one month to one year. 

What happens if there’s a change in address? 
No biggie! Our team will help you with that. Just reach out to us at memoriesfortomorrow@gmail.com to request for a change in the receiver’s address. 

How many letters can I send?
As many as you’d like! There are no limits as to how many messages you can send out. 

Where will the letters be stored before it is sent out? 
All messages will be encrypted and stored safely in our database ‘til it’s time for them to shine. Then they will be sent physically. Don’t worry, we won’t peek at anything you’ve written.


Can I change my message after it has been written? 
Unfortunately, what’s been written cannot be changed. But we believe that that’s the fun of it! Embrace the candidness of a moment and let your emotions from the past surprise you. 


What is the maximum length of the message?
All postcards are limited to 300 characters. Please note that these character limits are inclusive of spacing, so do try to keep your messages short and sweet.


Can I attach a photo to my letter?
Yes, you can. Your photo will be printed alongside your message. Please note that the maximum size allowed for your photo is 2MB


I have a question, but I can’t find it in the FAQ ☹
No worries! Reach out to us at thelokamade@gmail.com and our team will gladly assist you on your queries.