Memories for Tomorrow

Greet the future with a postcard

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Dear future me,

 How have you been? I hope you’ve been well. It’s strange to think that I’m you from what feels like a different life. I hope that in your current life, you are happy and you are free. May you find the strength to continue your life’s journey to be everything you’ve ever dreamt of ❤

Somebody you used to be 

Here’s a closer look on how you can be a part of our Memories for Tomorrow project! 

Step 1: Choose between sending a postcard to your future self or someone else

Step 2: Pick a date you’d like to receive it (maximum of 1 year from the date of writing) 

Step 3: Write away! Fill it with a memory, a quote, a story, or even a wish you would like to say (max 800 characters)

Step 4: You can even attach an image into your message 

Step 5: Submit your message and you’re all set to face the future :)

Please note that this is a public letter, it will be displayed anonymously on our Collections Page after it has been sent out to its receiver.